The Best Portable Induction Cooktops For Master Chefs

Buying the best portable induZction cooktop offers many benefits. These are more efficient and versatile than traditional gas or electric burners. Most portable burners are lightweight, travel-friendly, and safe. 

We have reviewed the top 10 portable induction cooktops currently available on Amazon. Our guide can help you find the right burner for your kitchen.

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What We Like:

The Duxtop Professional Portable Induction Cooktop is a highly durable, lightweight, low-maintenance, and stylish cooking appliance. We love it for its attractive overall look and efficient work. It helps you during events, parties, and events without overheating the surroundings.

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When it comes to the best portable induction cooktop, Duxtop is the brand you need. This company has been an industry leader for over a decade now. So, the first on our list is the  Duxtop Professional Portable Induction Cooktop.

With around  79% of 5-star reviews on Amazon, it is the most recommended portable cooktop on the market. It offers twenty different temperature and power settings ranging from 100°F to 460°F and 200W to 1800W.

Of all the models on our list, this one has the finest heat control. You can trust it for accurate temperature regulation. A minimal interface with an LCD screen also makes it a worthy choice.

It is lavish for the kitchenette and offers plenty of features as a portable cooktop that is easy to clean. Also, it is child-friendly with its Safety Lock System on the digital control panel. (For activation, press and hold the Safety Lock button for three seconds). 

Next, it offers two more buttons for “Boil” and “Keep Warm.”:

  • The ‘Boil’ button reaches the highest temperature capacity with a 10 minutes timer.
  • The “Keep Warm” button will set the temperature at 140-degree Fahrenheit at a 30 minutes timer.


For unselecting both options, touch the “Menu” button to customize the power and temperature. Likewise, the “Timer” button will help you adjust the time using the “+” and “-” buttons.

The built-in countdown timer works for up to 10 hours. But, if you forget to adjust it, Duxtop will shut down automatically after two hours. Besides being comfortable, compatible, and lightweight, it utilizes 120 Volts/15 Amps standard electricity.

Moving on, this appliance comes with a durable two-year warranty and a 5-foot cord. Like most induction stoves, it uses an Auto-Pan Detection system. So, your unit will turn down smartly after 60 seconds if no cookware is detected.

Its stainless steel body promises durability and consists of a 7-blade fan plus a rear tuyère to prevent overheating. The only thing you need is a set of induction-ready cookware.

What We Like:

Cusimax Portable Electric Infrared Stove Double Burner offers the chance to prepare two meals at once.  Hence, you can save time and savor your taste buds instantly. Also, we love it because it is compatible with all cookware types.

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The next on our list is a stove by Cusimax – the most popular hotplate manufacturer in North America. Its Portable Electric Infrared Stove Double Burner will offer you an outstanding cooking experience.

This appliance pairs up with almost all cooking pots and pans within 7.1 inches. It allows you to use copper, glass, cast iron, and aluminum pots easily. Also, you can utilize frying pans and heat cookware with minimum heat loss.

Unlike regular hotplate burners, this Portable Electric Infrared Stove Double Burner needs only a few seconds to heat up. So, you can prepare meals quickly without ruining their taste.

This infrared cooktop is portable and lightweight. You can use it on traveling, hiking, or camping trips. Two burners on its top make outdoor cooking easy and quick, and you prepare two dishes by using its left and right plate smartly. The left plate uses 120 Volts and 900 Watts. In contrast, you can adjust the power for the right plate between 900 Watts and 800 Watts.

Also, its compact design makes a perfect choice for offices, dorm rooms, and RVs. Because it is an infrared cooktop, its IR technology helps prevent electromagnetic radiation, making it safe for humans.

This electric stove also offers a strong and durable stainless steel built. It is free of corrosion and rusting; hence, you can clean it with a damp cloth. In addition, Cusimax consists of a ceramic tool that prevents heat dissipation.

Both its burners use Auto-Pan Detection, which makes it safe to use. The stove will automatically shut down if you do not equip it with any cookware. Also, it shuts down if you place the cookware wrong.

You can prepare meals like grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, pasta, veggies, and boil water without overheating the surroundings.

In case of quality issues, Cusimax offers an 18-month warranty and a free replacement. Also, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee and free lifetime customer service.

What We Like:

The Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop by Duxtop is 83% energy efficient. We love it because it is 50% more powerful than standard gas stoves.

Also, it is user-friendly and offers an LCD to check all the readings from a distance. You can carry it anywhere with you and place it in your kitchenette as an extra stove.

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The Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop is another model by Duxtop. This countertop burner makes the best combination of budget-friendly price, consistent heating, pleasant interface, and speedy performance.

It offers a user-friendly touch-button control panel, which allows you to adjust the timer, temperatures, and power mode. You can choose between fifteen temperature and power modes from 140°F to 460-degrees Fahrenheit and 200W to 1800W.

Hence, its straightforward interface makes it easier to boil water, sauté veggies, and prepare all kinds of meals. Its built-in countdown timer lasts for 170 minutes when both modes turn on. But, if you forget to adjust the timer, it will automatically shut down after 120 minutes.

The control panel offers a sloped-down style, so you can freely use the touch buttons without overheating. Also, it utilizes 120 Volts/60Hz 15 Amps standard electricity and uses Auto-Pan detection for safety. This means your unit will turn down automatically if no cookware is detected for sixty seconds or if you place it wrong. In addition, it includes a diagnostic error message that alerts high and low voltage.

Its sturdy built prevents overheating and keeps the environment cooler. Also, its compact size makes it an ideal choice for dorm rooms, RVs, traveling, and camping. It requires a little space on your kitchen islands and adds a lavish touch to the overall decor.

Do not forget to buy induction-ready cookware with this portable induction cooktop. Use pans with a magnetic bottom and a diameter over 5 inches. You can easily clean its stainless steel body with a damp cloth. But let the hot plate cool down first.

What We Like:

We love the True Induction MD-2B Mini Duo Portable Double Burner because of its dual nature (counter inset and countertop).

You can either use it as an extra pair of burners and store it for future use or add it to the kitchen counter as a permanent appliance. We highly recommend it for party lovers as it makes a great choice for weekend barbecues and family dinners.

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The True Induction MD-2B Mini Duo Portable Double Burner makes a great combination of sleek design and the latest technology. We have this model on our list for its unique ability to work as a counter inset induction cooktop or a stylish countertop model.

Its compact design and stylish build make it an ideal choice for smaller kitchens and mobile homes. You can also carry it with you due to its portable design. Thus, MD-2B is a good option for RVs, dorms, camps, and picnics.

While True Induction keeps customer safety first, all burners in its line support instant cooling after shutting down. It means, soon as you remove the pan from its burner, the cooktop will start cooling to prevent any accidental damages.

So, you can prepare your favorite meals on this cooktop without the risk of burning. Further, its Auto-Pan detection feature will turn down the unit if no pot is detected on the burner. Also, it will shut down if you place the cookware incorrectly.

Because it is a portable induction cooktop, make sure to use induction-ready cookware only. If you use incompatible cookware on MD-2B, it will display an ‘E1’ error message and automatically shut down. Soon as a pot reaches the given temperature range, your unit will start shutting on and off to prevent overheating.

This double burner generates heat in the pot so that you can prepare meals without heat loss between the burner and cookware. Also, it uses 120 Volts/60Hz standard electricity to operate and plugs in any 110 Volts outlet.

In addition to the 1800 watts power, it has eleven temperature settings from 150-degree Fahrenheit to 450-degree Fahrenheit. It also has a ceramic glass surface offering a touch-sensor control panel underneath. This feature makes your unit easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Moreover, you can set the power level by 1 to 10 and temperature according to its 30-degree increments. The built-in countdown timer of this stovetop lasts for 150 minutes.

MD-2B uses True Induction’s Power-Sharing Technology. It allows the pair of burners to run with a single cord and divide power when both burners are in use. Also, it offers a limited two-year warranty and meets all safety standards.

What We Like:

The iSiLER 1800W Sensor Touch Electric Induction Cooker Cooktop stands out for its safety features and optimum performance. . Also, it has a sleek design and an attractive look that makes it ideal for lavish kitchens.

Overall, it is one of the best extra burners. Its versatile temperature and power settings can satisfy all your cooking needs.

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The iSiLER 1800W Sensor Touch Electric Induction Cooker Cooktop makes for a customer-friendly kitchen appliance. It offers the latest technology and a sleek design that fits in small spaces easily.

This unit contains a stylish built with a user-friendly touch-sensor control panel. Its sensitive large buttons offer a readable display and multiple features to enhance usability.

While the “On/Off” button turns on the cooktop, the “Child Lock” button makes it safe for kids. Other buttons include “Function”, “+”, “-“, “Power”,  “Temperature”.

The cooktop offers 18 power and 17 preset temperature controls ranging from 100 Watts to 1800 Watts and 140-degree Fahrenheit to 460-degree Fahrenheit.  You can adjust the power in 100 Watts and 300 Watts increments to prepare meals.

These settings help meet various cooking needs like deep fry, boil, simmer, slow cook, steam, grill, and sauté. Also, it offers a built-in countdown timer that reaches up to 180 minutes and automatically shuts down.

Hence, you can prevent overcooking and burning food. And the premium glass surface makes it easy to clean by using a damp cloth.

While it is a lightweight and compact size cooktop, you can easily use it for traveling, camping, and hiking. It is wear-resistant and makes a good choice for dorms, RVs, mobile homes, and outdoor spaces.

If you do not feel satisfied with the purchase, there is a 90-day return and a one-year warranty.

Do not forget to use suitable cookware with this appliance. It works with stainless and enameled steel, or cast iron. But keep away from elements like aluminum, ceramic, glass, and copper.

Automatic pan detection allows your unit to shut down automatically if no cookware is detected. Also, if you place a cooking pot or frying pan incorrectly, it will shut down.

Further, it includes a whirlwind mute fan with  six blades. The fan uses fast heat dissipation to prevent overheating and keep the environment cool. Soon after you turn off the burner, its built-in fan continues to run and cool down the cooktop.

During the process, its display window will alert you with an “H” unless the temperature dissipates below 120-degree Fahrenheit.

What We Like:

The Rosewill RHAI-15001 is an ideal choice for small kitchen spaces. You can use almost any pot or pan on this induction burner with a minimum 4-inch diameter. We recommend it to anyone learning to cook.

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The next review on our list of the best portable induction cooktops is of the Rosewill RHAI-15001. We recommend this kitchen appliance for its outstanding features and price range.

RHAI-15001 is a pre-programmed induction cooktop with five settings:

  • Soup
  • Fry
  • Stir Fry
  • Warm Milk
  • Hot Pot

Beginners can practice cooking with little effort by using one of these options, while homemakers can use them for daily cooking. 

The stylish built and low-maintenance design of this cooktop makes it an ideal choice for kitchens. It consists of a smooth surface made of polished A-grade crystal. Hence, you can clean it instantly by using a damp cloth.

It offers a decent and flexible heat range to support cooking. You can select between its 8 power and temperature options ranging from 300 Watts to 1800 Watts and 150°F to 450°F, respectively.

Further, you can find a user-friendly touch-sensor control panel on the surface of this cooktop. Besides the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust settings, you can find a “Preset/Timer” button and a large 4-digit LED display. It offers a 24-hour timer to put your cooking on auto-pilot.

Being one of the best portable induction cooktops in a compact size, you can carry it anywhere with you. RHAI-15001 can settle in small spaces easily. It makes this model a great choice for RVs, dorm rooms, offices, and tents. So,  you can easily store it wherever you like and use it as an extra burner when needed.

Along with its polished upper body, this stylish induction cooktop has a black surface to embrace the look of your kitchenette. You can easily use it to compliment your overall kitchen decor and utilize it during parties and gatherings.

In addition, Rosewill adds an overheating protection feature to keep your food from burning. This feature enables RHAI-15001 to shut down automatically and prevent accidental kitchen fires.

Because you can only use induction-ready cookware with it, Rosewill packs a stainless steel pot in the box. Hence, you can buy additional cookware with ease. Just to be sure, you can also go for magnet testing and see if a magnet sticks to the base or not. Prefer aluminum, ceramic, and stainless steel pots that are compatible with magnets.

This cookpot also offers a heat and pan accommodation feature. Thus, heat will evenly distribute throughout the cooking pot. You can prepare meals easily without stirring them frequently.

On its rear surface, you can find an exhaust fan to keep the environment cool. Also, it has non-slip pads underneath the base. So, you can place this portable induction burner on most surfaces.

What We Like:

The Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop is one of the best double induction burners. It stands out for its ability to prepare two meals together by accommodating two large pans. We recommend it for its multiple safety features.

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The Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop is also one of the best induction burners by this brand. It offers everything your kitchen needs with its large pair of burners and dual heating zones.

This double cooktop offers an attractive and lightweight design. It’s portable, and travel-friendly built supports outdoor and indoor cooking. Also, it consists of a non-stick glass surface to embrace your kitchen decor.

While it supports cooking without an open flame, cooking pots and pans remain clean on the bottom surface. You can use a mild cleaner or a kitchen towel to maintain its look.

It consists of two independent user-friendly touch control panels for each burner. Hence you can prepare two meals simultaneously on this cooktop by using the readable LCD screen display. Also, it includes a built-in countdown timer that programs up to ten hours.

9620LS provides 1800W altogether. Hence, you can divide settings for both the heating zones and prepare meals. The highest setting for the left and the right burner is 1800W and 1000W, respectively.

Further, this induction cooktop offers twenty power and temperature ranges from 100 Watts to 1800 Watts and 100°F to 460°F, respectively. It works using standard electricity of 120Volts /60Hz 150 Amps. Thus, you can use it in all homes without affecting your electricity bills.

The twenty preset levels per mode support cooking and save time. You can select between 8 cooking settings and switch between power and temperature mode for effective results. The power mode allows boiling water, cooking sauce, and heating milk. On the other hand, the temp mode enables deep frying, frying, and sauteing.

Being a portable induction cooktop, you can use it with cookware that offers a magnetic bottom. Duxtop induction cooktop is compatible with enameled iron, magnetic steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and iron. Its noisy fan keeps the environment cool and dissipates heat instantly.

Moving on, the child safety lock prevents accidents and makes 9620LS ideal for homes with kids. It includes a high and low voltage warning system and a power-sharing feature to prevent overheating.

Besides offering a one-year warranty, it also provides an auto-pan detection system and a diagnostic error message system if the cooking pan or pot is placed wrong.

What We Like:

We recommend Cuisinart ICT-60 because it has two portable induction burners with power-sharing technology. You can use both burners while dividing 1800W and prepare meals without the risk of burning. Also, you can carry it anywhere you like.

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The Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop is the best portable induction burner with dual heating zones. It offers a pair of different-sized burners that support cooking two meals at the same time.

Each of these burners offers a touch-sensor control panel with the following features:

  • Heat setting control
  • 150-minutes timer
  • Power on/off switch
  • Up and Down buttons
  • LED display screen


With 8 heat settings for the left burner and 5 heat settings for the right one, ICT-60 makes cooking a bliss. Both these induction burners automatically turn down after 30 seconds of removing pots and pans. It is a great way to save energy and prevent overheating.

The fast-heating surfaces of this cooktop comprise a smooth glass surface. You can easily clean it with a damp cloth. Also, this surface is chip-, shatter-, and scratch-resistant that promises durability.

It offers 10 temperature levels ranging from 150°F to 450°F. Further, its 10 heat settings correspond to its temperature control settings with 30-degree increments. You can benefit from its 150-minutes built-in countdown timer with 5-minute and 1-minute decrements.

By using the pan detection technology, ICT-60 supports stainless steel and iron cookware. You can always check the bottom of your pots and pans before preparing meals.

Besides a two-year limited warranty, it includes additional safety features to overcome accidents. You can benefit from its voltage warning system and error code display. Also, it includes a child safety lock to ensure safety for kids.

Finally, do not worry about overheating the environment. Cuisinart ICT-60 shuts off automatically after 150 minutes. Also, it turns down over 450 degrees. Thus, you can keep your room cool and your food warm at the same time.

What We Like:

The hOmeLabs Portable Induction Cooktop is a perfect induction burner with six user modes. It offers a child lock system that prevents accidents. You can use it for traveling and outdoor cooking for its compact size and user-friendly control settings.

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The hOmeLabs Portable Induction Cooktop works as one of the best lightweight induction cookers. It offers a small footprint and works as a durable extra cooking burner for small spaces.

You can find a user-friendly digital LCD control pad for this compact size cooktop. It is easy to carry wherever you want and makes a perfect choice for outdoor adventures. You can store it easily without much space.

It quickly gets down to action and heats up to support fast cooking. With a black stylish surface, it complements your overall kitchen decor well. Also, it offers six user modes to support induction stove cooking. These include:

  • Keep Warm
  • Simmer
  • Timer
  • Fry
  • Boil
  • Boost


Also, it includes a child safety lock.

With a smooth glass surface and electronic touch control, this induction stove supports cleaning. Wait for the cooktop to cool down and use a damp cloth or sponge to clean any spots or spills.

You can select from its 10 heating levels ranging from 120 Watts to 1500 Watts and adjust the cooking temperature. It offers a built-in countdown timer programmable for up to 180 minutes.

Among compatible induction cookware, you can find pots and pans of enamel, iron, and stainless steel. Do not worry about overheating because it instantly stops heating after cookware is removed.

What We Like:

The Duxtop 9600LS Portable Induction Countertop Burner is a great choice for small spaces. It offers everything your tiny kitchenette may need, like a child safety lock, pan detection technology, and sturdy construction.  Also, we recommend it for its portability and stylish built.

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The last on our list is the Duxtop 9600LS Portable Induction Cooktop. It is a space-saving and low-maintenance cooktop for every kitchen. With a vast array of features and an extremely stylish built, this countertop burner makes a great addition to kitchen decor.

It has a fast-performing compact size burner that supports indoor and outdoor cooking. Hence, you can carry it anywhere with an extra cooking burner. 9600LS is our favorite option for RVs, tiny kitchenettes, offices, and camps.

You can use it anywhere for its sturdy built and durable construction. It uses 120 Volts and 12 Amps to support a standard electric outlet. You can select from its twenty preset temperature and power settings ranging from 100°F to 460°F and 100W to 1800W, respectively.

Being 83% energy-efficient, it is  a better choice than gas burners or traditional electric stoves. It is a great burner that instantly brings water to a boil and caters to all your cooking needs without much effort. You can find a built-in countdown timer on this burner with 1-minute increments programmable up to 10 hours.

By offering a user-friendly touch-sensor control panel, it makes cooking a bliss. You can select between “Boil” and “Keep Warm” to control your cooking needs as required. Also, it offers “+” and “-” buttons to adjust the menu and customize settings.

Similar to other Duxtop induction cooktops, 9600LS Portable Induction Cooktop works using pan detection technology. 

While it supports induction cookware only, make sure to use pots and pans with at least five inches diameter. You can benefit from its safety lock system that activates within three seconds to prevent accidents.

Also available is a user guide and a 5-foot drawcord in this box.

The Takeaway

We recommend a portable induction cooktop for all kitchens. It is an extra cooking appliance that helps you during emergencies and adds to the overall kitchen decor. Hope you found our reviews for the best portable induction cooktop helpful.