The cooking of food has been a fundamental building block across the globe. But with more and more people realizing that the preparation process of their meals can affect their health, there has been a boom in demand for appliances to help make things easier. Induction cooktops are one such appliance, which has been widely adopted across various kitchens worldwide because they provide quick and efficient cooking for many different dishes.

Induction Cooktop:

Today, induction cooktops are widely used to create a healthy vegetable curry, a tender steak, or roast some meat. The induction cooker is powered by electromagnetic induction, which means that the cooker creates magnetic fields when an electric current is passing through it. Electromagnetic induction was first discovered by Ferdinand Braun, who converted electricity into magnetic fields in 1875. Modern induction cooktops date back to the late 1930s and early 1940s.


-Setting up an induction cooktop is easy because there are no pipes required. This makes it ideal for apartments or smaller homes where space is limited.

-Induction cooktops reach high temperatures, which helps prepare the food quickly. Unlike electric or gas stoves, induction cooktops do not waste energy.

There are two options for using an induction cooker: either using the smooth surface to heat a magnetic disc embedded in the cooking surface or placing a pan directly onto the cooking surface that can be pretty hot.


-Because the cooking is done with electromagnetic induction, the cooking surface has a limited lifespan. However, you can expect your cooktop to last for up to 2000-3000 hours of use. 

-if you are using a heavy pan or pot that is made of steel or cast iron. In that case, the cooker’s magnetic field will not penetrate its walls completely and may damage the pot’s internal structure over time.

Electric Cooktop:

Electric cooktops are used to prepare meals for people in a household. They are convenient appliances, which makes them ideal for use for homemakers. Cooks can use electric cooktops to prepare meals ranging from simple snacks to elaborate dishes such as steaks. Electric cooktops are extremely easy to use and can be used for various dishes with ease.


-The most obvious advantage of an electric cooktop is its speed. Electric cooktops can prepare meals quickly, making them great for busy families who do not have time to waste in the kitchen.

-Electric cooktops are designed to save you time and energy on cooking by allowing you to cook with less oil and fat. This helps you prepare healthier meals for your family while simultaneously reducing the fat that accumulates in the body.

-Electric cooktops are not only faster, but they are also energy-efficient. These appliances do not waste energy by heating the kitchen and air conditioning system, which is a huge advantage for people with limited electricity.


-Electric cooktops require electricity to function. If there is an interruption in power, the appliance will stop functioning altogether and need to be reset.

-Electric cooktops need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt in the unit, which can damage the appliance in the long run.

Induction vs. Electric Cooktop:

The primary difference between an induction cooktop and an electric cooktop is that there is no need for a separate heating element inside the electric stove. The main reason for this is because most electric stoves have built-in heating elements, which are operated by a switch or knob to heat different parts of the device.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Induction Cooker Over an Electric?

One major advantage people get when using an induction cooktop is that they save a lot of energy. Induction cooktops make cooking very easy and quick because there is no need to adjust the temperature setting. To simplify things, a user can place the pot on the stovetop and turn it off after cooking.

What Are the Advantages of Using an Electric Cooktop Over an Induction Cooker?

Even though an induction cooker is very convenient to use, there are certain drawbacks that users might face. For instance, a user needs to have copper-based pots and pans to use the induction cooker. Furthermore, it cannot be used with stoves with Teflon coating because these coatings will not stand up to high temperatures.

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An induction cooker employs magnetism to create heat. This heating method is extremely fast and convenient as it doesn’t involve open flames or gas burners. On the other hand, Electric cooktops utilize electricity to generate heat through a predetermined number of burners. It is important to note that induction cookers are considerably more expensive than electric cooktops with similar cooking surfaces.